International Hap-Ki-Do, Clevedon est. 1996

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions asked. If what you are looking for is not here please email [email protected]

Is there a monthly fee?
No. There is no monthly fee.

How much will I have to pay initially?
The first lesson is free and £3.50 a session there after. A suit costs £20, anual insurance costs £15, and anual membership is £24.

Does the instructor have a D.B.S (C.R.B) check?
Yes. The Instructor has a D.B.S check

How qualified is the instructor?
The Instructor is a 3rd Dan meaning he has 3 ranks in black belt, and was trained mainly by Grand Master Adams himself.

Are there any other benefits to training than learning how to defend myself?
Yes. As well as the physical fitness aspect, we and Hapkido focus on the whole person, developing the student's confidence, respect, restraint, and humility.

Can I join right away?
Yes. However, you don't need to make that decision straight away. We give the student four lessons to see if they like it and after that they need to decide if they are going to join.

I have X grade in X style of martial arts, will the grade be carried across?
No. In International Hapkido everyone starts at white belt regardless of previous rank or style.

How long does it take to get belts?
It takes a minimum of three months between the lower grades, white - blue and as much time as needed for the senior grades brown - black. It will take a minimum of 3 years to get a black belt.

What do I wear on first lesson?
Loose fitting clothes, removing all jewellery and rings.

Will I get injured?
Well, martial arts are a contact activity and bumps and scrapes do happen, but we are a safety conscious club and have never had a serious injury.

Will I be expected to do competitions?
No. Our system is a system of self-defence and does not cross over to competition fighting.

Does this work if I am attacked?
Every self defence situation is different and dangerous and prone to many variables. But, Hapkido is a practical martial art which from the beginning teaches effective escapes and counters.