International Hap-Ki-Do, Clevedon est. 1996

Welcome to the website of International Hapkido, Clevedon. We are a friendly club based in Clevedon North Somerset UK. We promote and teach authentic, traditional Hapkido. Hapkido, or Hap-Ki-Do, is a classical, highly practical martial art for self-defence, but is not widely known. We teach our students to use technique and leverage to turn an attacker's strength against them; this enables a smaller and physically weaker person to defend themselves against a larger and stronger attacker.

We accept students from 18 years and upwards. Classes run on Thursday nights at Kenn Road Methodist Church (Halswell Road entrance), BS21 6LH, 8.00pm - 9.30pm. First lesson is free.

We focus purely on the traditional, practical self-defence aspect of Hapkido and do not enter competitions. Because of this traditional approach our style can be learned by people with varying levels of fitness. If you have any questions please view the F.A.Q page or email: [email protected]

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