International Hap-Ki-Do, Clevedon est. 1996

What is Hapkido?

Hap Ki Do, translated literally means "harmony energy way", is a Korean martial art developed by Young Sul Chol. Chol studied the traditional Korean martial arts and combined it with what he had learnt in Japan into a system that today we call Hap Ki Do. Hapkido is a responsive system as opposed to an aggressive one and works by redirecting an attacker's strength and momentum against them, via throws, joint locks, precision strikes or restraints. Because of this it adapts very well to a self-defence context and to a smaller person defending themselves against a larger attacker.

It contains a mixture of hard and soft techniques and draws its martial philosophy from Um and Yang and three guiding principles:

  • The Water Principle
  • The Principle of Circularity
  • The Principle of Non-Resistance.

Hapkido is a classical martial art and as well as training physically the student also develops in character becoming more confident, aware and respectful.

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